Please come home

Please come home…
His words still rings in my ears.
We need you…
I need you…
I’m writing you a poem.

Listen to my cries.
The tears that roll without hesitation.
Its not the same
I know we can’t change history
Hope is one of my only allies.

You’re place is here.
By my side.
I call for you
Long for you
Please will you adhere…

Jade O’Neill


Isolation killed many a man
who did not have the strength
to carry on or to reach out
and follow the plan.

Giving up because you are weak
at that particular moment won’t do.
Seek help and find direction
Don’t hide and raise your voice: speak!

In my life I’ve learned to cope.
The hardships, distance and regret.
Yes, I do get my off days
But in the end…there’s always hope.

Jade O’Neill

Mosaic Moments

Each memory and thought
I place in front of me.
Small fragments of days
gone by.
Those smiles and laughter
that can’t be bought…

I call them mosaic memories.
Some contain words
and phrases.
The rest are colourful pictures.
Vivid artworks that paint
many first anniversaries.

Ever so carefully I mount them.
Lovingly remembering
and honouring the moments.
I find just a few grey tiles.
They blend into the colours
and I polish them like a gem.

This picture of life
is proudly mine.
I’ll regret nothing
and enjoy the journey.
Feel the mosaics in my hand,
smile as I live without strife.

Jade O’Neill


Breathe in…

Take it all in…

We take for granted

Fragile and yours

Don’t wait for tomorrow
and say maybe.

Tomorrow may not be.

Each breath you take,
Lungs contracting
Gas exchange wonder
Will break or make.

Don’t put off dreams
What if
If only
Why didn’t I?

Breathe in and live
Out…its yours to give.

Jade O’Neill

Taunt me

You taunt me…
with the words
‘Maybe I’ll write’

Inside my mind
an explosion of
thoughts that’s right.

Words bring me to life.
Intoxicate me
into a delirium

They cling to my soul.
Invade me and
react like bacterium.

Rather just do it!
Pen your thoughts.
Bleed in ink.

Share your views.
Let me read!
Tell me what you think.

Jade O’Neill